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7-Day SE Confidence Booster

Get help preparing for your next big meeting

Schedule NowPackage Includes: 2 private classes, daily exercises, and personalized feedback.
Worried about meeting with an English-speaking client?

Need to make a good impression with your boss?

Worried about an important job interview?

I can help.

I'm a former Sales Engineering Director at a global cybersecurity company with nearly 10 years of presales experience.

The reason you feel stuck with your English is not because you don't have anyone to practice with.

You feel stuck because you don't have high-quality feedback from people who understand your field.

That's why I created the 7-Day SE Confidence Booster.

The 7-Day SE Confidence Booster is a personalized mini-program that will help you prepare for your next big meeting in English.
In session 1, you'll practice leading your meeting. I'll give you feedback and send daily exercises. In session 2 you'll practice your meeting again, assess your progress, and get final tips to sound incredible.
First, we'll meet live for 1 hour.
You'll practice speaking live by giving me your demo/presentation or role-playing the meeting.

Throughout the class, I'll give you personalized feedback on how to sound more professional, confident, and persuasive.

Second, I'll send you short daily exercises.
These 20-minute exercises will help you remember all my feedback and use it automatically in your real meeting.

Finally, we'll meet again for 1 hour one week later.
You'll practice giving your meeting again. I'll give you feedback on where you've improved. And some final tips to help you sound even more professional.

When we're done, you'll be able to confidently lead your meeting, build a great relationship with your clients, or have a great job interview.
Note: The 7-Day Confidence Booster is a one-time offer for new clients. If you'd like to continue private coaching with me, check out my 4- or 10-week Sales Engineer Confidence Booster package.
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