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Feedback Loops - How to Get Spoken English Feedback

Kevin Naglich
Sales Engineer English Coach

You need feedback loops to improve your English.

But, what is a feedback loop, and why is it important?

Imagine you are three years old. Your parents have spoken to you in English ever since you were born. Over the last year or so, you've been starting to say more and more words.

Obviously, you're making a lot of mistakes. After all, everything is new to you!

That's not a problem, though. You keep talking and trying to use all these new words, and your parents continue correcting you and helping you create natural sentences.

This repeated process of producing English and receiving corrections is a feedback loop, and it's something you need if you want to improve your English.

Repeated is the important part because consistency is key. 

If you only get corrections once in a while, your English will be full of errors and sound less natural than you want.

Ideally, as you learn more and more English, you create a process to try as many new things as possible and receive feedback on as much of it as possible. 

Imagine what would happen if nobody corrected 3-year-old you in your native language. How would you sound now?

So now you know what a feedback loop is, but how exactly do you create one?

Well, first off, the Deliberate English Community has a feedback loop built-in. When you join the Deliberate English Community, you're joining a community full of students AND native English teachers. 

Everything you say and write in the community will be reviewed and corrected by native English teachers.

That means you don't have to create a feedback loop by yourself. You simply produce English, and I'll take care of consistently giving you feedback.

Another great way to build a feedback loop is using the deliberate writing technique that I explain in my "Speaking English isn't always the fastest way to improve" video.

This technique follows a 5 step process and incorporates two feedback loops: an automated one and a human one. 

If you can make it part of your daily practice routine, you'll start to improve much faster.

Keep in mind that when you're trying to build your feedback loop, not every native speaker will be that interested in giving you feedback, nor will they all provide high-quality feedback. That's okay, and it's an expected challenge. 

You can increase your odds that people will give you valuable corrections by watching my "Why nobody corrects your English" video.

Regardless of how you do it, the fact is that you need a feedback loop as part of your English journey. The more often you get feedback, the faster you'll improve.

Want to get feedback on your English today? Join the Deliberate English Community. I'm ready and waiting to help make you a confident business professional.

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