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COVID-19 Advanced English Listening Challenge

Kevin Naglich
Founder, Deliberate English

Did you ever think that you'd live through a global pandemic? I certainly didn't, but here we are. You probably want to be more familiar with the expressions used to talk about COVID-19.  

I'll share some of my thoughts and experiences with COVID as part of this listening challenge to help you out.

Here's how the challenge works. As I tell my story, I'll ask you to repeat sentences that I say, OUT LOUD, from memory. 

Anytime you see the Deliberate English icon, it means it is a workout sentence, so pay close attention. I'll give you two tries to repeat the sentence aloud, and then we'll keep going.

Repeating sentences is a great way to force yourself to use expressions that you usually don't notice and help you internalize new sentence structures. Both will help you sound more fluent and natural when you speak.

With that said, play the video above to get started.

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