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Ask Better Presales English Questions With This 3-Step Formula

Kevin Naglich
Sales Engineer English Coach

Giving Demos in English is Hard

Presales Engineers often tell me they get lost giving demos or improvising in English.

You're trying to remember everything in your script. 😅

Then somebody interrupts you. 😟

Now you have to improvise an answer to the question. 🤔

And finally, remember where in the script to return to. 😩

This is very difficult for Spanish-speaking Sales Engineers.

However, the issue isn't your English.

It's trying to do a scripted demo. 

You spend all this time memorizing a long script, and it's easy for you and your audience to get lost. 

So the first question is, how much of your script is value?

Which parts have details about the benefits that will solve a problem for your prospect? 

Chances are, it's only a small part.

Conversation-Based Demos Are Easier & More Effective

When you do a conversation-based demo instead of a scripted one, it's:

  1. Easier for you in English
  2. More interesting for your prospect

A "win-win."

Instead of talking the entire time in English, just ask a few good questions. 

Now your prospect shares information, and you get to rest. Then you can focus on specific features relevant to their problem.

So, what do we ask? 

How do we lead the prospect to our value? 

Use This 3-Step Formula To Ask Better Presales Questions in English

We start by asking ourselves, "What benefits do I want to demo?"

What is the value I really want to show them? 

Then ask yourself, "What problems need that benefit?" 

What pain is my prospect experiencing that would make them want that benefit?

Now we create a question to get your audience talking about the pain

You want them to re-experience the pain. 

That puts them in the perfect place mentally to hear about your solution.

Here's a real-life presales example

Let's say I sell security software for securing passwords. 

One of the benefits I want to share is with our solution, end users never need to see passwords.

They don't have to choose them. They don't have to type them. 

So then I ask, "What problem does this benefit solve for my prospect?"

They may have a lot of security risks because users are choosing bad passwords.

They pick things that are easy for them to remember. They reuse passwords from other websites. This may have led to a security incident.

Now, what question do I ask to get my prospect to talk about that specific problem?

How do you set passwords today? 

This question is open-ended. The answer cannot be yes or no. 

This is good.

I want my audience to talk more. I want a little time to rest and not improvise in English. And I want them to experience that pain again

They might give me an answer like:

Well, all of our users pick their own passwords. And they're choosing really weak ones. We've had some security issues where people's accounts are compromised because they reused a password stolen in a different breach.

Now you know they have this problem. ✅

You know it's painful for them. ✅

You've connected their pain to your solution. ✅

Mission accomplished. ✅

You can practice this strategy with me live

This is an example of what I teach my personal English clients every day. 

Every class is conversation-based and designed to help you be a more confident sales engineer. 

Do you have a big presentation? Do you have a critical sales call? 

We'll work together on how to express your ideas in English. 💪

And I'll teach you presales strategies that take advantage of the English you already know

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